Wedding Hair & Makeup Packages


Your wedding day is your time to shine and take center stage. We understand your desire to feel extraordinary, exude an ethereal glow and create timeless memories that will forever warm your heart. This is our expertise. 


Create Your Perfect Package

Welcome to a world of beauty customisation, where your desires become reality. At Mobile Make-Overs Australia, we empower you to build your own package, tailored precisely to your preferences. With a plethora of options to chose from, you can curate your ideal hair and makeup styling experience for your wedding. 

You get versatile styling options. Whether your envision an elegant updo, half-up, or flowing locks cascading down, we have the hairstyling expertise to bring your vision to life. Our hair and makeup artists are masters in their craft, offering a natural glam, or dramatic makeup, even the flawless finish of airbrush makeup – The Choice is Yours. 

Packages Designed Around You. With our flexible packages, you hold the reins to your beauty journey. We ensure that every detail meets your unique needs, reflecting your personality and style. From affordable adult hair and makeup packages starting from just $195.  And everyone is welcome to experience our talents, from brides, mums, aunts, grandmas, flower girls and even grooms. 

Explore with a Trial. Dive into the magic of our services with our trial offer. Discover your dream look with a hair trial for $95 and a makeup trial for $95. Allow our experts to design your perfect look and let your confidence soar as you see your vision come to life. 

An Experience like no other. At Mobile Make-Overs Australia, our passion lies in helping you prepare for your special day, making sure you feel pampered, relaxed and absolutely amazing. You are the heart of our service, and our wedding hair and makeup packages are meticulously crafted to cater to your needs. We are here for you, every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience. 

Your Vision, Our Expertise. We believe in empowering you to feel and look your best on your special day. Our expert team combines your unique preferences with their artistic mastery, creating a look that celebrates your individuality and enhances your natural beauty. 

Step into the spotlight. Unlock the magic of personalised beauty with Mobile Make-Overs Australia. Your dream look awaits, and we are here to bring it to life. Discover the joy of a bespoke hair and makeup experience, designed exclusively for you. Step into the spotlight and radiate confidence as you embark on your unforgettable journey. 

Contact us now to create your perfect wedding hair and makeup package and let us make your feel amazing, by making you look amazing.  


We love helping you prepare for your special day and make sure you look and feel pampered, relaxed and amazing. To us, you’re the most important person, and our wedding hair and make-up packages are designed to ensure that you feel amazing, every step of the way.  They are built for you, by you.

The Hair & Makeup Trial

The first step to make you look amazing is to get to know you in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a fun experience as we get to talk about and try different colours and styles of hair and make-up that will suit your look, features, personality and of course the style of your wedding.

You get to bring in pictures of hair and make-up styles that you like and show us any hair accessories you might have, so we can get a good idea of the styles you are thinking of having. Those ideas, we then use to create designs to best suit your face shape, colour schemes and look. If you have a Pinterest board, we can look through that together, or you can pick styles from the board that we maintain.

At the end of your trial we’ll have a plan for your wedding hair and make-up, all recorded on a face chart, ready for your wedding. Of course, if you wake up on the morning of your wedding day and decide you want something completely different, no problems at all. We will adapt immediately and go with your new inspiration.

But of course, if you don’t want a trial, that is completely fine too.  Best to have some pictures available though, so we know exactly what your style ideas are.

The Wedding Day

Arrival & Set-Up

Hair and makeup for yourself and your bridal party is important, but we understand there is a lot happening on the morning of your wedding. So we’ll work out with you, the best place for us to set up, that is out of the way of any hustle and bustle.

What’s important to us is to have a room with good day lighting by a window, (not warm down-lights or incandescent lighting) and some power points close by. A table for us to set our products and tools on and chairs for you to sit on while we glam you all up. 

You prep is to make sure you have clean, moisturised faces and clean dry hair ready for your hair and makeup styling. 

Working Out The Order

The time-frame for your morning takes priority, so we’ll work with you to organise the order in which we make everyone up. Whether it’s just the bride, or the whole bridal party including the flower girl and mother of the bride, friends and family, we want you to feel relaxed, not rushed. The only specifics we suggest in regards to the order, is the bride does not go last. 

Doing The Hair & Make-Up

Wedding photos capture the look and feel of your day and will last a lifetime. When you feel amazing, you look even more beautiful, and that’s what you’ll remember. So our goal when we do your hair and make-up is to make you feel as amazing as possible.

Having your hair and make-up done professionally is a fun experience. It’s also lots of fun for us, we love doing it. So you can expect us to get a little excited about your wedding as we make you up and pamper you.

Final Touches

After each person has had their hair and make-up done, we’ll do a review  in front of a mirror to ensure that everything is perfect and make any adjustments if needed.

It’s incredibly important that you are completely happy with our work. This is your wedding and your fairytale, so don’t be afraid to tell us if you’re not. If you don’t tell us, we can’t change anything.  Remember, wedding photos are for the rest of your life. We want you to love them and remember every moment fondly.

Before leaving, we’ll check that you have all your touch up products that may be needed, just in case. These can be ordered from us prior to the day or you can source your own.

If you need any advice, just ask us, we have a wealth of wedding knowledge available to you. We have been involved in so many weddings over the years and are always happy to offer help and advise on any aspect of your big day. Whether it be how to correctly hold your flowers, resolving a dress malfunction, helping getting into the dresses, or if you just desperately need a coffee… if we can help, we will. Nothing would make us happier.

What about you?

We’ve all heard the idea that the dirtier your hair is, the better your hair will hold, right? This is not entirely true and who really wants greasy, oil slick hair at your wedding? So, we suggest washing your hair the day before, so it looks clean (but isn’t silky clean) and it isn’t stringy but is dry, so your style lasts longer. When in doubt, clean and dry. We have products to get the hair in the perfect condition.

As for your makeup preps, a nice clean and moisturised face is all you need.  We will do the rest.

Touch ups

Our products are designed to last quite well, but they are not tattoos. So, we do recommend you have a touch up lippy and possibly a face powder (without any SFPF) if you are prone to oily/shiny skin. We are more than happy to order any products you like from the trial, or if you have your favorite products already at home, keep those on hand just in case a little dinner makes its way onto your face, or maybe your lippy makes its way onto your dinner, or new partner in life’s face…


All our artists and stylists are carefully selected. They are qualified, experienced and absolutely love what they do.

This helps us ensure you have the perfect look on your big day. We believe in empowering you to create your own beauty journey. Our flexible packages are designed to provide you with a wide array of choices, allowing you to do your wedding, your way.  Contact us to find out more about our range of services which you can select from to build your own package.


  • Hair styling from $70
  • Makeup from $115
  • Airbrush Makeup from $130
  • Hair Trial $95
  • Makeup Trial $95

Hair and makeup packages start From $195 per person with complimentary lashes included. No-obligation trials are also an option for you to try us out before your event. Hair trials are $95 each and makeup trials are $95 each

Please contact us so we can talk about your wedding and we can design a package to fit your needs and budget.

We want every bride to have their perfect wedding. We are committed to providing you with a flexible service  that allows you to organise every detail effortlessly. We understand that every wedding is unique. No matter  what you envision, our team is here to bring your dreams to life. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to craft an exceptional experience to help make your day flawless.