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Welcome to Mobile Make-Overs Australia and thank you for choosing us to be your glam team.

By choosing our services you accept the following terms and conditions.


Trials are not compulsory, but are highly recommended to ensure the following:

  1. Questions are answered and confirm all booking day details and deposits.
  2. To make sure there are no allergic reactions from products.
  3. Design the perfect look and save time on the booking day. Honest feedback is needed during trials, refunds are not given for trials.

Not having a trial is at the discretion of you, the client. If you take up the option of having a trial and are not happy with the trial, you are welcome to a complimentary trial with another Mobile Make-Overs Australia artist/stylist at no cost to you. Payment of trials must be made either in cash on the trial day, or paid via direct deposit, PayPal, or credit card (2.2% handling fee applies), a minimum of 3 working days before the trial date. You must give honest and respectful feedback during your trial. Please do not say you are happy, if you are not. Let us try to make sure you get the look you want as best we possibly can.  If you are not honest, it hinders our ability to deliver our best work for you.


Mobile Make-Overs Australia selects the highest quality products to try and ensure the best results, and to allow for different skin types and possible sensitivities. Our products are specifically designed for long, comfortable wear and suitable for photographic purposes. It is your responsibility to inform your stylist of any known allergies and sensitivities prior to commencement of service to ensure correct selection of products. Mobile Make-Overs Australia does not take responsibility for any allergic reactions. Information on product ingredients and brand details can be provided upon request.

Some of the brands we use are;  Ben Nye, Kryolan, Paris Berlin, Atelier Paris, Mehron.

Travel fees

Travel fees are complimentary for locations within 10kms of Adelaide’s CBD and are only charged for locations outside this area. They are based on distance from the city, current petrol prices and are charged per visit to the location. You are responsible for any extra valet/parking costs if applicable.


Tentative bookings are held for a maximum 2 weeks without a deposit. If no contact has been made by you to book a trial, or pay a deposit, tentative bookings may be cancelled. A tentative booking fee of $85 is non-refundable, but is fully redeemable upon completion of the trial, or for other services. This secures the booking day until your trial.

Booking day deposits are 40% of the booking date total and must be made within 2 weeks after the trial date, to secure the booking. If the deposit is not paid within this time, the booking may be cancelled, unless otherwise arranged. If our services are not required, please respectfully let us know, so we can open up that date for another client. Payment installments can be arranged upon request


Payments can be made in cash, or direct transfer, PayPal, or Credit card (2.2% handling fee applies). We currently do not have PayWave facilities. All payments must be labeled with the client’s first name and the booking date, or invoice number to identify the payment. If we cannot identify the payment, it cannot be recorded on the booking.

Quotes & Time Frames

The quoted price and time frames are based on details given by you and is subject to change if details change. Quotes and discounts may expire after 2 weeks, unless confirmed with a deposit. If details change after the deposit is paid, any changes to the end payment can be added, or taken off the end balance. If the time change is major, Mobile Make-Overs Australia will do everything practicable to accommodate, but if we cannot adequately service the new booking time, please refer to our refund policies.


Covid 19 rescheduled appointments will not incur any transfer fees and if a cancellation occurs, deposits are non-refundable. Balances can be put towards future bookings.  Please understand we are a small business and cannot offer full refunds.

Cancellations before 5 months of the initial booking date are not entitled to a deposit/booking fee refund, but are entitled to a refund of 100% of the balance if paid in full. Cancellations after 5 months of the initial booking date are not entitled to a refund. Tentative booking fees are only redeemable on the trial, or other services.

In cases such as Covid19 where neither client or provider is at fault, full transfer of funds and details will be applied to a new date.  Refunds of balances will occur if cancellation is required, but deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits are used to cover admin costs and expenses.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. Questions are great.