35 Alternate beauty hacks that actually work!


You get up, walk into the bathroom, open up your makeup bag and OMG…. You’ve run out of…(insert product here)  What the hell do you do now??!! This is what this blog is all about. Finding alternative beauty solutions, to tide you over until you can hit the shops.

  1.  Run out of eye liner?
    Use mascara with your liner brush and paint your mascara along your lash line.Or use a dark coloured eye shadow as a liner along your lash line instead.
  2. Run out of mascara?
    If you still have some liquid or gel eyeliner, get a clean flat eyeshadow brush, or a clean old mascara wand and paint some eyeliner over your lashes.Or, apply some false eyelashes .Or use eyeliner pencil to tight-line, or invisible-line your lash line. This will automatically make your lashes look thicker.Or curl your lashes and remove any powder on them with a clean, wet mascara wand or small brush.
  3. Run out of blush?
    Apply a sheer amount of lipstick with a sponge or foundation brush along your cheeks.Or use a bronzer instead.Or if you have a light soft warm brown, or dusty pink eyeshadow, use that.Or mix a hint of beetroot juice, or food colour in with some clear lip balm or coconut oil and apply very sheer to the cheeks.
  4. Run out of lip colour?
    I mean, has this ever happened to anyone before?? But just in case it does;
    Grab a bit of that beetroot juice, or food colour mixed with clear balm, Vaseline or coconut oil and apply.Or just use the juice alone straight to the lips. This will act as a lip stain. Food colouring will do the same.Or if you still have a lip pencil, line the lips, colour the full lip with the pencil, then add some clear gloss, balm, or Vaseline over the top.
  5. Don’t have a highlighter?
    Just use a shimmer eyeshadow in a light colour, or a white/cream coloured matte eyeshadow.Or you can use a lighter colour concealer over your foundation on the highlight areas. Make sure to apply this before your setting powder.Or just don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have your face highlighted. Trust me.
  6. Don’t have a contour?
    Use a matte brown eyeshadow.Or use a matte bronzer. Or just don’t worry about contouring. Life will be fine without it for a day or so.
  7. Run out of eyeshadow?
    I don’t actually believe anyone has ever run out of all their eyeshadows, but again, just in case….. Use your bronzer instead. Bronzer is awesome and everyone should have one!Or apply a sheer layer of lipstick and blend as required. Make sure to set this with translucent powder to minimize creasing though.Or use your blush for a pretty dusty pink look (or whatever colour your blush is)
  8. Run out of brow definer?
    Matte eye shadows are great alternatives. Go for a colour as close to, but lighter than your own brow. If in doubt go for a soft taupe. If all you have is shimmer, then you’ll have brows that glow. ????Or use a nude, brown or black eye or lip liner (black must be applied insanely sheer, best with a brush). Or spray hairspray on a clean mascara wand and brush through to neaten up and define the brows.
  9. Run out of foundation?
    Mix some concealer with moisturizer and apply, then use concealer over areas requiring more cover.
    Or just use your concealer on areas like pimples and under eyes, then set with powder. Yes, it will be a fresh natural look, but that can look more stunning than full face of makeup sometimes anyway.Or apply a bold lip colour to take attention away from face imperfections. I’ve actually done this a few times and received many compliments I did not expect.
  10. Run out of moisturizer?
    Got any Olive oil, Grape seed oil, or sesame oil in your kitchen?? If so, apply that to your skin. In fact, ditch the moisturizer and just use them all the time.Or use your eye cream instead. It’s basically a sensitive version of your face cream anyway.
  11. Run out of exfoliant?
    Got salt or sugar at home?  Mix some with a hint of your facial cleanser, or one of the previously mentioned kitchen oils, then start gently massaging into the skin before rinsing off.  Super cheap, super effective and super great for your skin.
  12. Run out of makeup remover?
    Coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil, sesame oil on a cotton pad will lift off any makeup, including waterproof stuff, straight away.Or use your moisturizer on a cotton pad to wipe your makeup away.Or baby wipes. These are basically the exact same product as makeup wipes, except generally cheaper.
  13. Run out of brush cleaner?
    Unless you are a makeup artist, what do you really need one for??Save your money and use your shampoo and conditioner instead. You don’t need a special brush cleaner soap, or brush spinny gadgety dooflicky, or conditioning cleaner spray.Or use a gentle hand soap. If it’s safe for your skin, it’s safe for your brushes. Your brushes should be washed every 1-4 weeks.
  14. Run out of toothpaste?
    If you have baking soda/bicarb soda mix it with a bit of vinegar, or water (if you have no vinegar, or can’t stand the taste) and use that instead. It won’t taste as good, but it will eliminate the bad breath.
  15. Got light roots, or a slight bald patch in your hair?
    Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a matte eyeshadow to the area in a similar shade to your hair colour.Or for those with dark brown or black hair, apply some mascara to the roots. Or you can purchase hair mascara in different shades to hide roots.
  16. Can’t get the last of your foundation out?
    Use the end of one of your eyeshadow brushes to scrape it out. Or if it’s in a plastic tube container, cut the end off. Then when you have finished, if there is any product left, either use the cut off end like a lid, or scrape any excess into a clean container. (raid your Tupperware drawer for a small container)
  17. If your foundation is too pale?
    Apply bronzer to the forehead, cheeks, jawline and nose, then blend. Or only use the foundation on the high areas of the face, like nose, under eyes and apples of cheeks, centre of forehead. Then use your concealer on the outer areas of the face. Set with powder. Bronzer can also be added to this.
  18. Want fuller lips?
    Line the lips with a pencil and if you insist on going outside your natural lip line, do not go out further than the thickness of your pencil’s tip, otherwise you’ll get the Ronald McDonald lip (which I think looks ridiculous, despite a certain KK celeb endorsing it). Colour the lips in, then use a glossy, or frosty lip stick, nothing too dark. Matte lipsticks are the worst choice if you are wanting fuller looking lips. Or apply a lighter colour lipstick or pencil to the centre of the lips to highlight and a darker shade on the outer area of the lips to contour. Or apply a shimmer eyeshadow to the centre of the lips after applying the lip colour.
  19. Your eyeshadow doesn’t look as bold as you thought?
    Many commercial brands skimp on pigment in the manufacture process. In it’s packaging it looks great, but put it on the skin and the colour is lacking. Colour your lids with a white eyeliner, cream eye primer, or light concealer first. It will help grab the colour and make it stand out more. Or buy professional products with strong pigment. You’ll never go back, they are amazing! Or apply a sheer layer of eye cream. The moisture in the eye cream will grab the eyeshadow colour more. Be aware though, if you use too much, it may turn out patchy, blotchy, or crease in the socket line.
  20. Got super dry lips?
    Warm up your toothbrush with warm water, then using circular motions, gently scrub your lips with the toothbrush. Then apply a small amount of either olive oil, grape seed oil, seseame oil, coconut oil to your lips. You can use one, or a mix of all of these oils. (Most kitchens have at least one of these oils in the pantry). Lock in the moisture with a lip balm, paw paw ointment, or vaseline.
  21. Don’t have time to wash your oily hair?
    Dry shampoo might work. You can get these in dark and light colours now too. Or Just wash your fringe/bangs and put your hair in a bun or ponytail
  22. Want to bake your face, but not sure how (or why)?
    Don’t worry about it. It’s just a marketing trend. Save yourself the stress and powder purchase. Expecially if you have dry skin. Baking is terrible for dry skin.
  23. Want to save money on liquid formation?
    Don’t use a sponge to apply it. Use a brush. Sponges absorb and waste up to 50% product.
  24. Want fuller cleavage?
    Buy a well fitted padded push up bra.
    Or you can highlight and contour what you have with makeup. Do this by applying a highlighter to the highest areas, such as the fleshy part of the boob. Then apply a matte contour to the lowest parts, like the crease between your boobs. Or, both of these options together are best for the biggest impact.
  25. Want to look the best in photos?
    Use a professional foundation, no matter what else you do. You NEED a foundation that will have enough pigment to reflect the colour back to the camera. Most commercial lines are not designed for photos and can look pale and patchy. And never use too much shimmer on the Tzone. If you need to highlight, do it with matte products. Shimmer in the Tzone often looks oily in photos. Never apply shimmer all the way down the nose, on the chin, or forehead!! Or get yourself a qualified makeup artist.
  26. Mascara drying out too quickly?
    Don’t pump your mascara to coat the brush. This pushes air into the tube, which dries out the product. Wiggle the brush around the inside of the tube instead.
  27. Your makeup looking too oily?
    Use oil control papers, or tissues throughout the day to blot away excess shine. Or keep a translucent pressed powder in your bag to mattify your face. Or use a mattifying primer and oil free foundation
  28. Want to appear paler without it looking fake?
    Apply a colour matching foundation all over in a sheer layer, then apply a highlight foundation or cream to the central areas of the face and blend out. This will ensure you don’t look like you have applied the wrong colour, as the outer areas of the face will still be blending nicely to your neck and décolletage colour.
  29. Want to appear darker without tanning?
    Apply a colour matching foundation all over the face, then apply bronzer to the outer areas of the face, and on the nose, then softly blend. Don’t forget to apply bronzer to the neck and decolletage too.
  30. Nail polish always takes too long to dry?
    Paint thin layers, instead of one thick coat. Or once painted, dip your nails into a bowl of ice water for as long as you can handle it. Or set your hair dryer to the cold setting and blow dry them.
  31. Can’t get your winged liner or eyeshadow perfectly crisp
    As tacky as it sounds, use sticky tape from the corner of your nose, up to the tips of your brows. This will give you the right direction and a nice smooth crisp winged line. Or you can buy silcopads and similar products. They are re-useable silicone pads that can be applied under the eyes, over makeup without peeling product off after and it helps to stop falling eyeshadow too. Or you can use either a cotton bud with cleanser, or primer to wipe off the excess product and get the perfect line. Or use a baby wipe/makeup wipe to clean up a crisp line. (The last 2 options are best used when eye makeup is applied before face makeup.)
  32. Can’t stop your eyeshadow falling all over your face during application?
    Do eyes first, then with a cotton bud and primer or cleanser, remove fallen eye shadow and then you are ready to apply face products. Or buy some silcopads or similar. Or apply a thick layer of translucent powder under the eyes, then dust off with a fan brush. Be aware this is not ideal for dry or wrinkled skin, as it enhances dryness and the look of fine lines. Or hold a tissue under the eyes while applying eyeshadow. This can be difficult to do though, if you need 2 hands for eyeshadow application.
  33. Don’t have a matching lip or nail colour?
    Your eye shadow is on point, but you don’t have the right colour for your lips or nails, so with the bristles of your eye shadow brush dust off some product onto a mixing tray or lid, then mix the dust with a clear gloss, lip balm or clear nail polish…Viola! The perfect colour match. I’ve done this many times
  34. Lipstick never lasts?
    Line your lips with a lip liner, colour the full lip in, then with a lip brush, paint on some lipstick. Then blot with a tissue 1-2times. Then re-paint the lipstick.Or mix a hint of translucent powder to the lipstick and paint on (too much powder will cake up, so use a tiny amount). Apply another coat of normal lipstick after, if you don’t want a matte look.
  35. Got a bit sunburnt and now you look like a tomato?
    Keep some Aloe Vera in the fridge. Apply it direct to the burnt area. This will calm and help to tone down the redness. If you have the day off, do this a few times throughout the day. This accelerates the burn’s healing process. I find my burns are basically gone by the end of the day. Or use a green correction concealer under foundation to tone down and neutralize the redness. It won’t help to heal the burn, but it will hide it.

At the end of the day, these are not life saving tips, but they can make you feel much more confident and happy. And there’s nothing wrong with that!