The Dos and Dont’s of Chosing Your Wedding Make Up and Hair Style


I began in the wedding industry as a makeup artist over 20 years ago. I can’t believe I can even say that, how fast did that time go!!! Since then, I’ve become a hairstylist, beauty and makeup trainer (13 years now), a beauty therapist and I’ve been running my hair and makeup styling biz, Mobile Make-Overs Australia for over 11 years.

In those amazing years, I have seen so many hair and makeup styles come and go. I’ve also seen heaps of new tricks, tips, technologies and options come out.But, how do you choose the right style for you though? What are the biggest mistakes and wins brides make?

With websites and apps like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, we all have access to so many more options and ideas. I remember having to carry around a physical portfolio folder filled with hair and makeup inspiration, now we just look on those little bricks of plastic and metal we all have in our bags and Viola! Instant ideas and inspo!

But sometimes, too many options are just as bad as not enough. I’ve had many a bride struggle to choose a style, because she had so many choices.

The pressure to pick the one and only perfect look can be overwhelming. This style will be in your wedding photos forever to be passed down through the generations. Don’t worry, I understand, I’ve been there myself.

So, to help steer you in the right direction, I have compiled a little list of Do’s and Don’ts to think about when deciding on your wedding hair and makeup designs.

The DOs

Think about what your dress looks like

A high neck line on a structured ballgown might suit an upstyle better and possibly a stronger fuller coverage makeup with a bold lip, or smokey eye. While a soft flowy non-structured dress might lend itself to a more boho, down and wavy hair style with a fresh natural makeup. Also, think of what hair style will suit the shape and detailing of the dress. For example; an upstyle will show off the detail on the back of a dress far better than a downstyle. But if you have a low neckline, and no jewellery, an upstyle might make your neck and decolletage look bare.

Take into consideration how you feel when your hair is up or down

What I mean by that is, if you have your hair up for work everyday, you might feel more glam and gorgeous with a downstyle, as upstyles might give you more of a ‘work feel’, instead of a glamorous party feel.

Consider your normal makeup routine

If you don’t wear makeup much at all you might feel over done if you choose a dramatic full coverage smokey style. The reverse is also the same. If you always wear some form of makeup and glam it up for events, then a natural look might leave you feeling like it’s a casual, PJ attire, no makeup Sunday. What style of makeup, makes you feel gorgeous?

Remember that every face shape is different

So, if you find a picture of a makeup design that you love, keep in mind that you may not look exactly like the person in the photo. So, the makeup may have to be altered slightly to suit your face better.

Think about the theme or style of the wedding

Rustic themes often lend themselves to softer, flowy half down styles, with fresh dewy natural makeup. While more traditional and formal weddings often suit more structured or slick styles and stronger more defined makeup.

Remember why you are getting married

If it is purely to have the perfect style in your wedding photos, then you should re-think getting married. Your partner WILL still marry you, even if your hair and makeup is not exactly how you envision. The day is not about your styling, it’s about marrying your gorgeous partner in crime.

Wash your hair before your appointment.

Yes, a little dirt/oil is great for holding hair styles, but only a LITTLE BIT. Once it’s too oily, it goes stringy and there is not a lot we can do about it. We can, however dirty your hair with product for hold. So PLEASE, do not come in with dirty hair. Same with makeup, best to come in with a clean and moisturised face. Wearing makeup to your makeup appointment will add time to your appointment and your artist’s skin care products may not be perfectly suited to your skin. If you have a reaction, we won’t be able to tell if it was the skin care products, or the makeup that caused it.

The DON’Ts

Forget what your hair will allow for

Just because you want and love a style, doesn’t mean it’s the perfect one for you. Your hair will, at some level, dictate what can and can’t be done. If you have super short and fine hair for example, you can’t have long voluminous cascading curls, without extensions.

Be a slave to fashion trends

Smiles before Styles! This is a big trap for many people. Your social feeds are flooded with new and beautiful styles, new trends and ideas. It’s easy to fall in love with a new style but, think about looking back at your parent’s wedding photos. Some of you may think, “wow that is so 1980s”, or “I love how 90’s this all looks”. I’ve heard these comments many times from kids looking at old photos. The trick is to keep things as classic as possible, so people see your smile first, not your style. Wedding photos should hold their own over time and be more about the couple, not the fashion. And YES, there will be a time when the 20-teens WILL look old fashioned. Just like every other past decade.

Ignore your artist

They will have more experience and knowledge in this area. They can offer advice and suggest options for you. So, let them see your dress, tell them all the details regarding colours, styles, themes and also your preferences. You know you best, so be honest and tell them what they need to know to help you decide.

Think you need heaps of makeup

The thickness of your makeup is not an indicator of durability. Product quality, pigment percentages, application and skin will determine durability. Also don’t think that the more product you wear the prettier you will be. I’ve seen stunning makeups applied, just like the Youtubers do and in person it can look really overdone and thick, I call it “Youtube Face”. Anytime I see too much product on a face, whether it’s well applied or not, my immediate thoughts are, “She’s insecure”. Makeup should Never be a mask, ever, especially for a wedding. The craziest part about that is, most of the people who I see wearing too much, are young, fresh faced with few wrinkles and beautiful skin tone. They hide the beauty with a mask…

Worry about what others will think

This is YOUR day, YOUR style, YOUR photos, YOUR rules. Just because one of your Instagram followers thinks it not “on trend” “on flique” “grouse” ‘Dope’ or whatever other words are in fashion at the time, doesn’t mean it’s not your perfect style. If that is the style YOU love, then it’s perfect for YOU. It doesn’t have to be perfect for anyone else!

Don’t stress about it

At the end of the day, stressing will not help and won’t effect your lives at the end of the day. Stressing over little things like the style of your hair or the smokiness of your eye makeup will just get you in a head spin and take some of the fun out of getting married. And with all the craziness in the world right now, who really needs extra stress in their lives?

Wrapping up…

I hope that helps give you some direction when choosing your wedding hair and makeup style. If you do have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct. We are full of knowledge and experience. This is what we do and we are always happy to help.

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