Top 4 Wedding Makeup Styles

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When it comes to wedding makeup, the last thing you want is a style that your kids and grand kids will question

Ever looked at your parents photos and thought “OMG, that is so 80’s, mum, what were you thinking” ??

Over the years fashion, hair and makeup trends change, then do full circles and come back. But what are some great classic wedding styles, that just always seem to look gorgeous, no matter what the year?

Well, let me show you the looks that in the last 2 decades, I have found still keep getting asked for.

1. Natural makeup look

You simply can’t go wrong with a natural makeup look. A natural makeup design should enhance your features, give you colour, a healthy glow and hide certain things like pimples and dis-colouration’s, all without looking fake. Believe it or not, it can sometimes be the hardest look to achieve, because you need to conceal and enhance areas as invisibly as possible with less product.

2. Classic red lips makeup

This makeup look could be mistaken for an old-school 1940’s makeup design and to be honest, it kinda is. The great thing about this style, is it has already dated, come back and is now seen as timeless. One of my all-time favourite makeup designs. If you feel confident enough to pull off a perfect red lip, do it!

3. Soft smokey eyes makeup

Too much drama can date quite easily over time, but a little smokiness along the lash line can enhance and thicken up a lash line. This in turn enhances and brings attention to the eyes. For weddings, I always suggest using neutral colours like brown, taupe, cream, white, grey, pearl, silver and golds. For both of these smokey eye designs I used a soft white gold (1st pik) and Pearl (2nd pik), warm grey and black.

4. The 50’s flick makeup (as I call it)

This is a look has come back with a vengeance and to be honest, I can see why. I have always been a fan of the liner look and with the re-boot of the Pin Up and Burlesque niche markets, this is a look that I get asked for a lot. A good classic design will focus less on eye shadows and more on natural contours of the face and eyes, with the main feature being the strong crisp eye liner, made famous in the 1950’s. Generally teamed up with a red or dusty pink lip. I prefer to use a good quality gel eye liner for the flick, as it gives a great crisp, smudge proof line.

Key points for Wedding Makeup

So I hope that helps give you some direction on a suitable wedding makeup style. Some key points to remember for your wedding makeup are:

  • Make sure you use professional, photo-friendly products.
  • Chose a design suitable for your eye and face shape.
  • Choose colours that work with your hair, skin tone and colour theme.
  • Try to keep colours neutral.
  • Make sure you have a touch up lip product and pressed HD powder to dull shine (if you tend to get shiny through the day).
  • Avoid fashion trends, these date the quickest. Today these would be strong contouring, strobing, strong multi-coloured eye shadows and extreme strong eye liner flick.
  • Don’t go overboard with highlight and contouring. Photographers hate it because it often shows up like stripes, which they then have to photoshop to disguise.
  • For this same reason also don’t go overboard with dark spray tanning either.
  • Avoid too much shimmer on the eyes and central areas of the face. If all eye shadows are shimmer, you lose shape and definition. If the T-zone of your face has too much shimmer, or glow, it looks oily in the photos.

Choose a makeup design that you feel glamorous in and if you still have doubts, which is totally normal, chat to your makeup artist and organise a trial. A good makeup artist will be able to work with you, to design your perfect look.

And don’t panic if you look nothing like the celebrity photo you bring in at your trial, because they can tailor that look to suit you specifically. This doesn’t mean they will make you look like that celeb, but they can give you a similar makeup style designed specifically for you, to make you look amazing. Because ultimately that is what it is all about…You!

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