What Makeup Artists would love you to know but will never say

What a Makeup Artist would love you to know

1. It is a little inconvenient …

when you come to your makeup appointment with a full face of makeup on. I know we sound cruel when we say, come in with a clean and moisturised face (how dare we force you to expose your bare face in public!) But honestly, it will add time to your appointment and the products we have, may not be as perfect for your skin as your own cleansing routine.

2. Do NOT pick your pimples before your appointment!

Scabs and oozing spots are not easy to cover and don’t hold product as well as non-broken skin does. It’s also unhygienic and bad for your skin.

3. There is no need to apologise.

The amount of people who sit in my chair and say “sorry, I rarely wear makeup”, or “sorry, I have no idea how to do makeup” is crazy. It is completely fine if you don’t. That’s why you’ve hired us.

4. Brush your teeth before your makeup appointment.

For 2 reasons… firstly we do get into your personal space a bit and bad breath can be distracting and secondly, if you brush your teeth after, you may remove some of the makeup, like your lipstick.

5. We are not cosmetic surgeons.

If you bring in a picture, please understand that although we aim to make you look awesome, we can only do so much to make you look exactly like the picture. Your face shape, eye shape, skin and hair colour might be totally different to the person in that picture.

6. Be respectful.

A good makeup artist will have spent time and money learning their craft and getting professional certifications and experience. Please don’t patronise or condescend their abilities by repeating how you do this or that, or how you saw a youtube video that told you to do makeup a certain way, or present them with a how-to video, or ask things like “have you heard of highlight and contouring”, like they’ve never done makeup in their life before.

Yes, I have had ALL of these, despite my training, years of experience and the fact I have been a makeup teacher for over 10years!

7. Don’t insult yourself.

If I had a dollar for every client who sat in my chair and then insulted themselves in some way, I’d be rich!

Things like ‘Oh, you have your work cut out for you!”, or “I hope you have some magic in your kit for this old face”, or “good luck”, or “Can you hide all these wrinkles/spots/uglies”, or “I know it’s tough, but just do what you can”….you get the idea. I get these kinds of comments every day. Be kind to yourself! Beauty honestly starts from the inside, Not the outside.

8. Not all trends will suit you, so be open to our suggestions.

Our #1 goal is to make you feel amazing, by making you look amazing. So, we may have to alter certain elements of your makeup, to enhance YOU the most.

9. Fact; Your look will change over the years and that is totally fine.

Do not compare yourself to when you were younger, and don’t compare yourself to others. You are a different person and again, that is perfectly alright! You can have your own look and still be just as stunning as anyone else!!

10. Don’t compare your current makeup artist …

with your previous makeup artist, or social media. Every artist has their own style and way of doing things. Research their skills before booking and trust. As for social media, just remember filters and photoshop exist….

11. Like any industry, there are some people who are not as honest as they should be.

Not all “makeup artists” are actually “Makeup Artists”. Youtube is not a professional school, either is “self taught”. Yes, they may have natural talent, but if they are not willing to invest in harnessing that natural talent to ensure You get the absolute best possible, hygienic and appropriate job with the correct products, then maybe they aren’t worth your hard earnt time and money.

12. Instagram is filled with filtered, photoshopped and selfie photos.

Just because they have thousands of followers doesn’t prove their makeup worth. It does prove they are good at Instagram though, or at least good at getting lots of followers. Research your artist’s training and experience before booking.

13. Personalities and styles should be compatible.

Just like your hair dresser, not every makeup artist will be the perfect one for you and that is okay.

14. Shimmer and glitter is Not always good.

In photos, the shimmer highlight all the way down the nose for example…… However it is okay if you want reverse Rudolf with a shiny bulbous nose. Glitter is a more textured shine and not generally great after a certain age (depending on the event and makeup style). It is also messy and can age, or date a makeup style. You have to know when and where to use it for best results.

15. Respect makeup artist’s price points.

It’s kind of impertinent to be constantly asked if you could do your job for less money. Remember makeup artists need to eat too. If your boss told you that your pay would be cut, you’d likely not be too happy about it and feel a little unappreciated. So please understand their costs must be covered to earn a living, just like anyone else.

16. If you book an artist in, then no longer need the appointment …

please just let us know, so we can open up the booking for another client. No excuses needed, it’s just polite and the nice thing to do, to let us know.

17. You can look stunning!!!

No matter how you feel, what you look like, what your skin colour is, how old you are, what your nationality is, or what gender you are…You are NOT ugly!! Feel comfortable in your own skin and Never feel that you are not worthy… Society can be cruel and sway you into thinking negatively, but DON’T, it’s all lies.

And for fear of sounding Cliché, Beauty DOES really start from the inside! It’s all about the feels people!! So, enjoy who you are, look after the vessel that is your body, which allows you to enjoy this earth. You only get one and it is a blessing. Embrace it!

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