10 essentials to pack for your honeymoon

10 essentials honeymoon house

Most newlyweds tend to take a little well-earned break called a Honeymoon, after their nuptials.  I was no different and recently had the most amazing honeymoon! I wish I could re-do it all again!

So, I thought, being that I have been in the wedding industry for over 19 years, AND the fact I now can say I have been a bride, it would be nice to give others some tips on what essentials are best not to forget when packing for your honeymoon.  Apart from obvious things like Passport and cash that is!

1. Travel Money Cards

Most places give you 2 just in case one gets stolen or lost. We visited 2 countries on our trip and a good travel card was essential. We were able to pre-load it with both currencies. Best to watch the exchange rate and buy when cheap, because you lock in the rates at time of purchase, so you can get the best deals if you are diligent.

Once back home, any money left over (we had a measley $11) you can transfer back to Aussie dollars and use the card just like any other eftpos card. Easy. The one from Travelex also offered 1 month WIFI too!!!  Most banks and Australia post have their own versions as well.

2. Walking Shoes

No matter how fashionista fancy you are, bring some shoes you can comfortably walk in ALL day. Unless you want to waste half your money on taxis (boring). You really don’t want to forget these.

3. Clothes you can layer

Even if you are going to a place with hot weather, bring a cardigan.  If you are going to a cold place, still bring a tank top/singlet. You never know what places you will go, or how random the weather might be.  Adelaide right now is the perfect example 35C one day, 20C the next!

4. Sunscreen

We’ve all heard the Dennis Leary Song “Wear Sunscreen” right?  He has very wise words. Sun damage can cause up to 70% of wrinkles. Yes, 70%!!  Even in overcast weather and the snow reflects quite a lot too. So, don’t forget the world’s best anti-wrinkle product. No matter what the climate!!!!

5. A Smart Phone

What an insanely awesome invention! A tiny device that does so much. A phone to get you out of situations, or connect you with people and places, a map which is great if you are not from around here, a camera to capture your adventures, internet to give you vital info if you need and you can download so many helpful apps like translator and exchange rate apps, so good to check how much things cost before you buy. Saving you from being ripped off.

6. An over night bag to take on the plane

Pack it with one full change of clothes, including undies, socks, t-shirt, pants and makeup wipes (to freshen up).  Just-in-case the airline loses your luggage, you aren’t stuck wearing the same clothes and undies for days. This bag you also keep your passport, money and essential travel documents etc too.

7. medications

Best not to rely on overseas/unknown pharmacies.  Different laws for different countries. You can’t guarantee what the quality will be, and they may not honour overseas prescriptions.

8. An extra bag for purchases you make

Either that, or make sure you leave heaps of room in your suitcase for stuff to bring back home. Check your baggage allowances too.  We were allowed to have 2 large suitcases each, but we only brought one each. We came back with 4.

9. Spare keys to your luggage

What a nightmare if you forget these!  You’ll need to damage the locks, or your bags if you lose your keys.

10. Scissors

It will surprise you how many times you may need a pair. Keep them in your checked luggage however, as they will be confiscated if they are in your on board luggage.

A couple of other handy tips

Email yourself and next of kin copies of your passport, driver’s licence, travel insurance documents, itinerary, accommodation details, shuttle transfers etc. Just in case something happens and you need them, but your luggage is lost, or you’re lost, or maybe you just need immediate access and are not with your things at the time.

Try to read up on basic laws and customs of the places you will visit. This may avoid awkward situations.  For example we did not realise Japan does not like tattoos being visible, so at the water park we went to, we had to buy tattoo cover up things. Which cost a small fortune and were quite annoying. Had we known, we would have worn t-shirts over our swimmers.

Wear shoes on the plane that are easy to slip on and off.  We lost count of how many security gates we went through and every time we had to remove our shoes.  It is also handy if you want to take your shoes off on the plane.

And remember to have fun, don’t stress about the little things and ENJOY!

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