Makeup products needed for DIY Wedding makeup


Now I might sound a bit biased when I say this, and maybe I am. But I get my opinions of this from my client’s experiences and my own expertise and training in the field.

I believe makeup, along with photography are 2 of the most important factors of a wedding. (apart from actually getting married that is) Why? Because at the end of the day, the photos are what last to keep those precious memories alive and no bride wants to look back and regret her makeup, or her photos.

Any makeup for photography needs some certain specifications to ensure it reflects correctly in photos, so if you are thinking of doing your own wedding makeup, I have compiled a list of products you will need.  My Blog about the difference between Pro and commercial makeup is also a great read for this very topic.


  1. SPF

    Put this UNDER your makeup for protection through the day. A good high pigment foundation will also act as a physical blocker too. But do NOT have spf in your foundation, as it may give flashback and ruin your photos.

  2. Primer

    This will help hold onto your makeup longer, smooth over any fine lines and flakiness, along with slowing down the evidence of shine through the day.

  3. Mattifier

    You really only need one of these if you have oily skin. It will help to eliminate shine and slow down the signs of excess oil production through the day. Too much highlighter can also look oily in photos, so be careful not to use too much shimmer highlight.

  4. Foundation

    This is by far, one of the most important elements. Get this product wrong and you might have pasty white glowing flashback face in your photos, or the un-intentional no-makeup look by lunch time. Get one designed specifically for photos without any SPF, that matches your skin perfectly.

    This does not mean thick, darker than your skin, or putting more on. It means gets a good professional, high pigment foundation that is specifically designed for photographic purposes. A good one, applied correctly will last all day and feel super comfortable without looking cakey or thick, plus it will reflect beautifully in photos. Keep in mind, most retail commercial brands are NOT suitable for photography.

    Check out my blog about cruelty free professional products. It has a huge list of suitable brands.

  5. Concealer

    makeup Products for DIY Wedding 4This is a product I rarely use, due to my foundations being so amazingly pigmented.  But if you have an annoying pimple, or dark circles from being too excited to sleep the night b4, then get a good colour matched concealer with high pigment. It’s a god-send.

  6. Translucent powder

    This is applied over the entire face very sheer, to set the makeup, mattify and help with durability.  This powder should not be over used, and should have no SPF or shimmer. You can get pressed powders that are translucent, or that have a little colour to them, which are great for touchups. Just make sure, if it has colour, it must match your skin.

  7. Blush

    For weddings, best to keep this a neutral soft colour.

  8. Eyeshadows

    To keep things classic, stick to neutral tones and if you want colours, keep them soft so they don’t overpower the makeup, otherwise they can date and look old fashioned quite quickly.

  9. Eye liner

    This can be in pencil form for a soft bit of definition. A liquid for that crisp defined line. Or a gel liner which can be smudged for a natural and/or smokey look,  or applied as a crisp liner look. Keep to Brown, Black or Grey tones.

  10. Mascara

    Waterproof is your best friend on a wedding day.  You don’t want your tears to create a little work of art on your face.

  11. Brow definer

    Today’s brow fashion is quite strong and will likely out-date within the next 5years or so, so don’t go overboard on brows. I prefer brow powders for a natural definition, but pencils work well too.  Best to choose a colour 1-2 shades softer than your hair. Trust me on this, brows can take over a face very easily and you don’t want to fall into the Trend trap.

  12. Lip colour

    makeup-products-for-diy-wedding-5Again, best to stick to classic, or neutral shades. Avoid the fashion colours.  Dusty pinks, reds, soft browns, pinky browns, soft pinks and nudes tend to hold their own over time and are less likely to look out-dated.

Glosses will have the least staying power, then creamy sheer lip sticks, while lip liner and matte lipsticks and lip stains tend to last the longest. Mattes however, can dry out the lips a bit, so you may want a good lip balm underneath.
  1. False lashes

    These are definitely optional, but can really enhance the eyes. Individual lashes are nice and natural, while feeling ultra comfortable.  Bar lashes (or strip lashes) come in a vast variety of styles from natural to full and thick. These take a little time to get used to, but look amazing.

    Both are generally applied with a latex based glue, but latex-free alternative glue is available. Lash extentions are an alternative if you want them to last longer than one day. They do take about 1 hr or so to apply, but they last around 4-6weeks. However, Lash extentions do require a professional to apply.

  2. Bronzer

    This is another optional product, but is great for soft contouring and warming up the skin.  Best to use a matte bronzer, instead of one with lots of shimmer, as shimmer can look oily in photos.


NOTE:  Keep the highlight and contouring to a minimum, as photographers hate when it is over done. It is currently a fashion trend and if done well can look amazing, but if done as the trend dictates at the moment, it can get out-dated very fast and/or look like dirty stripes on the face.

Applying foundation thicker and fuller, does not necessarily mean longevity and durability.

Don’t go overboard with dark spray tanning.  Again, this is something that photographers struggle with in photoshop.

When in doubt, there are some fantastic qualified and talented makeup artists who can ensure you have the perfect wedding day look.  If you are not sure how to find the perfect artist, refer to my Blog on How to find the perfect makeup artist. ☺