9 Beauty products every bride should have

9 Beauty products 2

As a recent bride and a makeup artist,

this is my forté

And as it turns out, my little bridal beauty bag got a work out…
and not from being used on me!

Planning is key

If you have planned well, you will already have a good quality, trained, professional hair & makeup artist sorted to make you and your bridal party look perfect.

9 Beauty Products

If not, maybe you have already sorted out some professional photographic friendly products to ‘DIY it’ (FYI –  most commercial lines are not suitable for photos).

But what about for touch-ups throughout the day to ensure you look great even by the end of the night?

Here is a list of things you will need to keep on standby…

1. A pressed powder

Make sure it is photographic friendly, otherwise it can make you look pale in photos. It can either be translucent (no colour at all and generally looks white in it’s compact, but actually has no colour on the face) or you can get coloured powders to match your skin.

Powder will stop shine and prevent you looking oily in photos. Don’t forget a brush or powder puff to apply it with.

2. Lippy

This can either be a lipstick, lipstain, lip gloss, or whatever lip colour you prefer. As long as it has a little bit of colour, it will keep your lips looking fresh in all the photos. Lip colour will likely be the first thing to need touching up.

3. Professional photo-friendly foundation or concealer

You might not actually need this through the day, but it’s good to have just in case. This proved very true for my wedding last year, when my hubby needed some broken capillaries on his eyelids covered up. It stopped him having the black eye look.

You must make sure it’s a professional product though, otherwise you risk the pale and pastey look in photos.

4. Hairspray

Some days the wind is ruthless and fly-aways do just that, fly away. A good hair lacquer will help conquer this potential problem.

5. Bobby pins

Curls can escape, especially if the wind rips them out. So, bring some pins just in case you need to fix any escapees.

6. Tissues

Makeup can only do so much. If you’re a cryer you may need to catch the tears before they smear. And if you are not quick enough, you’ll need a tissue to wipe the mess.

7. Eyeliner

You will need this if your eyeliner is not waterproof and if you are a cryer. There is only so much rubbing and crying an eyeliner can handle.

8. Blotting paper

For those with oily skin and break-through shine, use this before adding powder. This should minimise the powder touch ups. The less powder touch ups you need, the less cakey your makeup will look later in the night.

9. Bandaids

Sometimes wedding shoes are not as dreamy as their big day is, so good quality fabric bandaids are a life saver. They are also great as nipple covers for those dresses that show more than they should.

With good quality makeup products in the first place, you may not need a touch-up kit at all, but you can never be too cautious. I didn’t need any touch-ups at all, including lips, but my new gorgeous hubby did. So, always best to be prepared.

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