Hidden wedding costs

hidden bridal wedding costs including makeup by Adelaide mobile hair and makeup artist Make-Overs Australia

The average Australian wedding costs over $65,000 (according to the Herald Sun in May 2015) or around $36,000 according to other articles I’ve read.

Either way, it’s a fair chunk of $$$, so it’s important to make sure you don’t forget things in your budget.

With the aim of helping prevent your big day blowing way out of budget, I have spoken to many people and compiled this list of hidden, or forgotten wedding costs.  You can also check out my wedding budget saving blog post too.

  • Touch up makeup products. Get a brand suitable for photography (From $40-$100)
  • Feeding vendors (your per head meal cost)
  • Parking ($10-$50)
  • Photography locations. Some locations charge a fee to allow photography ($100- $400)
  • Marriage documents (your celebrant may have this covered) ($100-$150)
  • Facials. Start any skin care months before the big day ($30 – $200)
  • Waxing. Do any facial waxing 1 week before. Your makeup artist will understand why ($15-$60)
  • Manicures ($45-$85)
  • False lashes or lash extensions.  Some makeup artists include this in the price ($10-$200)
  • Haircut and colour ($60-$600)
  • Travel fees for vendors. Some vendors include this in their quote ($10+)
  • Programs ($50+ depending on numbers)
  • Seating placement cards ($50+)
  • Guest book and pen ($30- $100)
  • Postage for invites and thank you notes (postage and envelope x guest numbers)
  • Wedding morning food. Breakfast and lunch for yourself, attendants, photographer, videographer and possibly hair and makeup too. You don’t want to star on Youtube as a fainting bride or groom (you can make it all yourself or get platters from $20+)
  • Inner soles and heel protectors for shoes. Heels can hurt and they can also sink into grass.  ($10-$20)
  • Unexpected guests. Their fault for not rsvp-ing, but if you can’t deny them it’ll cost ya. (price of meal per head)
  • Rain back up plan. My venue’s emergency rain location is costing us an extra $200 to reserve whether we use it or not, but we are getting ready in the middle of winter, so I’d rather be safe. ($50 – $400)
  • Wedding dress cleaning ($200-$400)
  • Flower preservation. My flowers are fake anyway, but in case yours are not. ($250-$700)
  • Decorations (you may not like what your venue has to offer) ($100+)
  • Extra seating and chair covers or sashes ($2 – $10per chair)
  • Transport to the venue for guests and/or helpers (whatever taxis/Uber/mini vans cost)
  • Child minding ($20-$40 per hour)
  • Games to keep children entertained throughout the day. ($10-$50)
  • Hotel early check in, late check out and valet parking. ($20-$50)
  • Hotel room service (how much do you wanna spend)
  • Cake cutting and corkage fees ($2-$10 per head)
  • Security costs. One venue told me we had to have a security guard throughout the whole night. ($20-$80per hr)
  • Hair and makeup trials ($50-$80pp)
  • Spanks and underwear ($20 – $300)
  • Emergency kits ($20-$40)
  • Passports ($130-$250)
  • Wedding dress dry cleaning ($300-$600)

Prices are basic guides and not exact prices.

So I hope that helps to ensure that your budget doesn’t blow too far out of your budget.  Just make sure you take your time to get quotes, do your research and have a miscellaneous category for those forgotten bits.  And at the end of the day, remember to have fun, this is the most expensive party you are likely to have, so ENJOY it!!!