Top 18 Wedding Morning Preparation Tips

Wedding Day Makeup

Ok, so everyone knows there is a lot of preparation that goes into a wedding, and there are certain formalities that usually happen at a ceremony and wedding, but what about the morning of the wedding when you are preparing yourselves?

There are some things that need pre-organizing for your wedding morning organizing…

So that is what this post is all about.

As a hair and make-up artist with many years experience, this is my usual work day, so it’s pretty safe to say, I’ve been there, done that, again and again and again. I’ve seen many a bride and bridesmaid rush to the shops, or call on friends, or scrounge through bags for last minute things they did not think about pre organizing.

  1. Start and Finish times.

    You want your hair and make-up to be done by around 1.5-2 hours before your ceremony time. More if your ceremony is more than 30 minute drive away.  I know this sounds like a long time to wait all dolled up, but think about it….. You need time to get in your dress, this can take up to 30 minutes.  Your photographer will want some shots of you and your girls all dressed up, you obviously need some travel time and of course the most often forgotten, Just-In-Case time.  You never know what can happen, so best to allow for it.  If you end up running early, then so be it. Better to be twiddling your fingers with too much time, than stressing and rushing and getting all flustered.

    Ask your hair and make-up artists how long they take per hair and face, then add at least 30-60 minutes. Your artists may already do that. A good make-up artist should take around 30-45 minutes per face and hairstyling is a little more dependant on style, but between 30 minutes for down-styling and 1-1.5 hr max for full intricate up-styling. Work back from your finish time, to work out your start time.

  2. Wash your hair or not?

    Speak to your hair stylist, but most stylists do not want you to have wet hair and many don’t like freshly washed hair either, as a bit of dirt often helps with hold.  This does NOT mean a greasy oil slick of hair, however, so best to wash your hair the day before, to make sure it is dry, clean but not silky, and not as oily as cheap Italian takeaway. Also, do not use any products after you wash your hair, no leave in treatments, mousses, or other styling products you use. Also, wear a shirt, or something that opens up, so you don’t ruin your hair trying to take off a tight T-shirt. This is when the new trend of Bride and Bridesmaid silky dressing gowns come in handy.

  3. Touch up makeup products.

    Now a good makeup artist will use durable products that need very little touch ups if any, but let’s be real….You will probably kiss, or eat off your lippy and if you have really oily skin, it is also a good idea to have a touch up pressed powder, just to combat shine in your photos. It will make the photographer’s job a little easier. Ask your makeup artist if they can order you in the products that they use, that’s how I roll (unless it is a non professional line, or triangular marketing brand and if so, why the hell did you hire them in the first place?? They are using the wrong products for your photos and are often not adequately trained in Bridal and photographic makeup artistry). But if they can’t order products for you, head to and get yourself a professional bargain. There are many amazing brands and stores out there, but these are my easiest suggestions and they sell quality photo-friendly products.

  4. Do not wear make-up to your make-up appointment

    I know this may sound obvious, but no matter if your makeup artist comes to you, or you have to go to your makeup artist’s salon, go in with a clean, moisturized face to make sure your skin in prepared.

  5. Emergency kits

    I grew up in the world of the girl guides and one thing I learnt from that is Be Prepared.  Anything can happen on any day, but at the very least you want to make sure your wedding day is not a day of “Oh crap!! Now what do we do?”  So, organise yourself a wedding emergency pack.  Things to include are;

    1. Bandaids, (keep extras for your feet in new shoes too)
    2. Bobby Pins and hair ties
    3. Safety Pins (my god the amount of people who ask for safety pins!!)
    4. Panadol (I was unfortunately a bridesmaid with a migraine at my friend’s wedding)
    5. Mini Perfume
    6. Tissues (Do I need to mention crying at weddings?? Or hayfever from the flowers?)
    7. Touch up powder and lippy (refer to # 3)
    8. Clear nail polish
    9. Nail Polish remover
    10. Nail file
    11. Mini sewing kit
    12. Earring backs (these little buggers get lost so easily)
    13. Mints
    14. Hair spray
    15. Hollywood tape (just in case someone falls out of places inappropriate to fall out of)
    16. Tweezers
    17. Foldable ballet flats (for when your feet start to ache, or for when the dance floor summons you)
    18. Cotton Buds
    19. Tampon/pad
    20. Mini mirror
    21. Straws (for preserving lippy while having a drink)
    22. Berocca and water (in case someone was a little too excited to sleep the night before and for hydration)
    23. Lollies/nuts (you need some form of sustenance)
  6. Food

    I know this may sound strange to some, but many people forget to organize what to eat the morning of, while getting ready.  Get a family member, or someone who loves feeding people and get them to be in charge of food.  You’ll want finger food, but enough to sustain you until dinner, as often there is no time for lunch or food between ceremony and reception, so eat up. Otherwise you may end up on Funniest wedding videos fainting during your ceremony. Many brides, bridesmaids, or mothers organize a few platters of food so people can nibble throughout the morning. Subway, Coles and many other food businesses and cafe’s do platters, your food preps can be ultra easy. Get a good high protein low GI brekky in ya too.

  7. Photos

    Speak to your photographer about the type of shots you both want when you are getting ready. Some brides want photos of hair and makeup being done, while others don’t. Most photographers will take photos of the dresses hanging up, jewellery and accessories, and then the bride with her bridesmaids and parents.  It is up to the bride and groom whether this happens, some brides don’t book there photographer to take getting ready shots. This may affect your hair and makeup start time.

  8. Visitors

    Make sure guests and other family members who are not getting ready with you, do not come and visit you to say hello in the morning before the wedding. Many brides get ready in hotel rooms for this very reason.  Too many people stopping by, tends to stress the bridal party and can cause delays in your preparations.

  9. You don’t want creases in your dress

    It’s a big dress! And many wardrobes don’t cater for this, so creases can happen.  Hang your dress off a curtain rod for the week of your wedding and don’t let your cats near it.  If there are creases, hang your dress in the bathroom first thing in the morning and turn your hot shower on. The steam from the shower, should help to kill the creases in your dress. (Don’t put the dress in the shower!)

  10. Make sure you have worked out cars

    I don’t mean the wedding cars to take the bridal party to the ceremony, I mean, if you are staying the night at a hotel, how will you get home the next day, or how will your bridal party get home after the wedding. Those kinda car arrangements. If you need to get a cousin, or friend to drive your car to the wedding or hotel, then best to sort that out prior to the morning of.

  11. Guys Accessories

    I know this sounds more relevant for the ladies of the day, but you guys do also need to prep to some degree, so the next points are for the boys.  Accessories, Yes boys, you have accessories too! Socks and undies, make sure you have a clean set of each, make sure your shirt is ironed, and if you got yourself a French cuff shirt, did you get some cuff links for the day? Are you boys wearing ties?  Do you have tie clips?

  12. Guys, Do you need a haircut?

    I have heard of many a groom going to find a hair dresser the morning of the wedding to find they are booked up on a Saturday morning.  No big surprise there.  My best advice is to go in for an appointment a few days before, or Pre Book an appointment.

  13. Don’t deal with stuff

    Have someone in charge of dealing with suppliers on the day.  A reliable bridesmaid who knows what you like and what has been organized. So if anything goes wrong, or something has to be re-arranged, they can deal with it, without stressing the bride out.

  14. Children

    If you or your bridesmaids have children, make sure they have someone else looking after them the morning of. This can be dad, grand parents or a close friend.  Bridesmaids can’t do everything and neither can mothers, so on the wedding day, they are allowed to put down their mum hat, to put on their bridesmaid hat. They can always put their mum hat back on after all the formalities have concluded.

  15. Get a good night sleep

    This goes for everyone.  I did a wedding once where mum had spent all night cleaning her house for it to be perfect for the morning of.  She had only 1 hour sleep that night and was an absolute wreck when I arrived to do hair and makeup at 9am.  She was did not enjoy the day at all. How devastating. So, aim to go to bed at a reasonable time and sleep as best you can. If you wake up tired, make sure you have a supply of Berocca, bananas and a good high protein, lo GI breakfast foods and coffee.

  16. Satin Scarf

    If you have a dress that must go over your head, make sure you have a Satin scarf, or pillow case to use to protect your hair, by placing it over you head and  allowing your dress to glide down, instead of getting caught on you hair and booby pins.

  17. Don’t drink too much

    During your preparations, or the night before.  It is an exciting day and there will be a party, so leave the majority of the alcohol to the party. Celebrants can refuse to marry someone who is not sober and with the average Australian wedding being around $30,000-$60,000, that’s a lot of money to waste, just for a couple of drinks.

  18. Remember

    Just remember what the day is all about, don’t panic if not all goes perfectly, because at the end of the day, you will have a spouse whom you love and that is really all that matters.  So, relax, enjoy and don’t panic about anything, delegate and trust your suppliers.  It’s your wedding day, have fun creating great memories.

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