Average Aussie hair and makeup costs per capital city

Average Aussie Hair and Makeup Prices per State

Although most of my clients are South Aussie based, I do get asked a lot by clients and students what the average prices are for bridal hair and makeup, so I thought I would do some research and find out. I have looked into around 100 professional hair and makeup suppliers around the country to work out what the average prices are for you.

The makeup prices I based this on, include lashes and both manual and airbrush makeups and the hair prices include down styling thru to upstyling. Most suppliers I found have lashes as an extra add on cost, but because this is my blog, I can brag that Mobile Make-Overs Australia includes lashes complimentary, we also do not charge more for brides, which we found was also very common amongst suppliers.

FYI, for a travel fee, we are happy to travel interstate and overseas. Hint hint, nudge nudge, however travel charges apply.

Hair $98
Mup $104

Hair $105
Mup $123

Hair $113
Mup $91

Hair $115
Mup $110

Hair $136
Mup $119

Hair $77
Mup $130

Hair $125
Mup $127

(All prices are per person)

According to Easy Weddings’ Jan2019 wedding report the average cost for Bridal Party hair and makeup per state are;

NSW $861, NT $550, QLD $653, SA $542, VIC $777,  WA $606.

77% of brides book a hair and makeup trial and 85% of brides hire a professional to take care of their wedding hair and makeup. Now keep in mind, I wanted to keep this blog as simple as possible and have not included costs such as travel, public holiday surcharges, early morning fees and special circumstances. These are based on average styling costs from down hairstyling to up hairstyling, airbrush to manual makeup, brides to bridesmaids, and singular to group pricings.

But hopefully it will give you some guidance as to whether the artist you are looking into is well priced, over priced or under priced. Please know this is a guide. There are suppliers who charge more and some who charge less.

My absolute best advice in regards to any industry service provider, is to avoid places who charge well above and well below the average prices. You want a business who understands their industry well enough to be able to charge a fair price for both you AND themselves (they gotta earn a living too). If they sound too cheap to be real, they probably are.

Cheap does NOT generally mean a bargain and super expensive does not always mean quality. I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way a few times.
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